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The Bayliner VR Series: A More Evolved Runabout Design

For years, most boat builders have experienced a distinct cycle relative to the design philosophies applied to their runabouts. Style influences come into fashion, and most builders follow suit. Influences then change with various trends and, again, most builders follow suit. Bayliner decided years ago to blaze its own trail in this regard—choosing to lead rather than follow; a philosophy it significantly ‘throttled up’ with its VR Series introduced last year.

Room to Roam
When designing this new generation of runabout, Bayliner started by enhancing its BeamForward™ design—long a staple of the company’s runabout architecture—and made it even more pronounced. This significantly expanded the usable space of the bow rider section by carrying the boat’s full 8-foot beam even further forward than in the past.

They then coupled this with a similar design enhancement in the cockpit. Called AftAdvantage,™
 it dramatically increases the rear seating area by extending it to the aft-most point of the running 
surface, then adding the swim platform at the end of the running surface. This keeps the platform apart from the usable interior space, rather than encroaching upon it—regardless of whether you choose outboard or sterndrive power. The result is a boat that maximizes space and delivers value like never before—creating a new generation of runabouts with the usable space typically found in boats 2 feet longer. In fact, they’re so roomy, competitors’ comparable models actually fit inside their VR Series counterparts—at exceptionally competitive price points.

Power Preferences
When runabouts were born, outboard power was the only type available. With the introduction of sterndrive power in 1959, boaters were given the opportunity for higher horsepower, quieter operation, and different transom configurations. The sterndrive rose in popularity as a result. Today, with outboard technology having evolved leaps and bounds in many regards, the once noisy 2-stroke outboard has been supplanted by quiet, cleaner burning 4-stroke outboards, giving boaters more options in both power configurations than ever before. 

Recognizing that boaters in coastal and northern markets continue to prefer outboards for their saltwater and colder climate advantages, Bayliner thoughtfully added outboard versions of the VR 
Series runabouts to its VR5 and VR6 models. This rounds out the available configurations giving boaters everywhere the flexibility of power options that cater to their boating styles and locations. So, as you consider Bayliner’s value heritage as a whole, offering this flexibility without compromising space supports that proposition nicely.
So if you’re considering a new runabout for the upcoming boating season, the Bayliner VR Series should make your decision easy.
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