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Continues to Shape the Future of Boating - Bayliner Boats
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Bayliner’s Innovative M-Hull™ Design 
Continues to Shape the Future of Boating

When Bayliner introduced its 16-foot Element in 2012, it promised to be “The start of something new.” It has been exactly that. It also fortified something for which Bayliner has been known throughout its 60 year history—innovation.

The introduction of the Element was a huge success, and was soon followed by an 18-foot deck boat edition, the E18. In 2014, the 25-foot Element XR7 deck boat was added, and last year, the Element F16 and F18 Center Consoles. For 2017, the E21 Deck Boat and F21 Center console round out the Element line to 7 models using this innovative hull. Together with the company’s VR Series (V-Hull) runabouts introduced last year, they have ushered in a new era of innovative leadership. So what is it about this M-Hull™ design that Bayliner has built 1/3 of its worldwide product offerings around it?

For starters, its unique design creates a running surface that is exceptionally stable, predictable and easy to maneuver. So, whether you are a new boater or seasoned veteran, your appreciation for it will start as soon as you push the throttle. Surveys and focus groups told us that safety and feeling secure aboard were attributes first time boaters wanted—but found little of in traditional boats prior to the 16-foot Element.

When you examine the features of the M-Hull,™ it’s easy to see why this design has enjoyed so much success. We suggest you enjoy one yourself!

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