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Bayliner Now Offering Innovative Heyday Wake Surf Models as Sport Gains Massive Popularity

Bayliner has long been the value leader in family recreational boating, consistently delivering more boat for the money throughout its 60-year history. Over the past several years, wake boarding and wake surfing have experienced a massive rise in popularity. This demand has also driven prices to a level that many would-be participants cannot afford. To answer the need for a value leader in this category, Bayliner recently acquired Heyday; a purpose-built, wake sports-focused design, conceived to deliver Bayliner-level value to consumers looking for an affordable way to enjoy these activities.

“Bayliner has always stood for family fun, exceptional value, and innovation,” said company president Keith Yunger. “The Heyday brand was designed by the pioneers in this sport and represents the same kind of performance-minded value we deliver. I couldn’t imagine a better fit.”

The Heyday design was created by the very people who pioneered the wake sports category over a decade and a half ago. Heyday founder John Dorton, former CEO of MasterCraft, his son, Ben, a former national collegiate wakeboard champion, and the original design team behind some of the wake sports category’s most iconic models. The result is a hull design and value-minded final product that focuses on what’s important to the wake sports enthusiast—the wake…stripping away all the unnecessary, price-inflating gingerbread.

The brand currently has two models; the WT-1 and WT-2—both of which combine edgy looks with an awesome, wake-producing hull. The boats recently debuted to rave reviews at both Surf Expo; the surf industry’s largest trade show, Bayliner’s recent 60th Anniversary Dealer Conference, and by Wakeboarding Magazine and other media.

To learn more, click here, or visit heydayinboards.com.

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