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The Next Big Thing

The all-new Element XR7 makes a name for itself as the “Pontoon Alternative”

Pontoon boats have been around forever, but it seems they have been catching more eyes lately. Still, there are a lot of sportboat fans who consider these mobile rafts perhaps a little dowdy. Into the fray comes the all-new Element XR7, a pontoon alternative that marries all of the space and convenience of a pontoon to Bayliner’s innovative Element M-Hull™.

The M-Hull™ is uniquely seaworthy, with three large fiberglass sponsons that add lift and side-to-side stability while still offering much greater comfort in rough water than a pontoon can ever achieve.

At this year’s boat shows, the Element XR7 drew crowds of new boaters and old salts alike. The Element XR7 delivers fully on the comfort and capacity of a pontoon, but with a sportier look and an established performance pedigree. Combining pontoon spaciousness and sportboat performance is the holy grail of perfect summer afternoons on the water.

To learn more about the Element XR7, click here or visit your local Bayliner dealer.

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