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Click To Own

Bayliner has made it easy to pick your model, dial in your package, pre-qualify for a loan and make sure you can get it, all with one click on bayliner.com

Ever wonder just how nice a Bayliner you could buy? With the new Click To Own button on Bayliner .com, you can dial in your model and options, check dealer inventory and quickly pre-qualify to make sure you can afford it with a simple click. Just provide some very basic information about down payment and income, and within seconds you’ll see whether you are an excellent, good or fair credit candidate with a green, yellow or red “light” graphic generated by the system.

“This provides a quick, simple way to see just how easily and soon you can visit a dealer and start enjoying family time on the water,” says Bayliner Brand Manager, Michael Yobe. “It’s a user-friendly gateway to affordable boating.”

Using this painless function, you can quickly learn your probable credit scenario and continue through the buying process. Click To Own integrates seamlessly with Bayliner’s Build a Boat page, which is a simple and fun way to build the boat of your dreams. Add or change options on your boat of choice, and see how it affects the price as you go. Adjust your down payment, interest rate, or other considerations to help ensure you get the right boat at the right price. Once you’ve built the boat the way you want, click Bayliner’s dealer locator to see your three closest dealers, and click through to check their inventory.

Click To Own is about adding simplicity and fun to the buying (and daydreaming!) process. Check it out at bayliner.com.

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